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This official site for Jefferson Pugley Comics does not collect any data or cookies from its users. If any data is collected by its hosting server, courtesy of UK-Cheapest.co.uk, this data is not used by Eamon Standing or Jefferson Pugley and responsibility for this data lies with UK-Cheapest.co.uk. Cookies collected by your browser in order to make your experience on this site quicker are also outside of Jefferson Pugley’s jurisdiction and responsibility. Regarding fan or business e-mails, Eamon Standing will not actively share your data with any third parties but does wish to keep your e-mail as a reminder of the enjoyment that Pugley has brought to you. Your e-mail address and message will be stored in the mail server provided by UK-Cheapest.co.uk who is responsible for its protection.

Jefferson Pugley is owned by Eamon Standing with publishing agreements currently residing with Lulu.com. All Pugley related storylines, artwork, or merchandise in connection with this site, TallismanRogue.com, or other official accounts are the property of Eamon Standing. Jefferson Pugley endorses fan artwork so long as it is used for non-profit purposes in agreement with CVA policy. Any fan artwork produced should not be illegal in its nature. If such artwork arises it is highly likely that it will be disowned by Jefferson Pugley and Eamon Standing. For translation rights please e-mail Eamon Standing using the contact details on the “About” page.

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